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Maximize your sales with a superior ordering process!

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Streamlined Ordering

Customers will love how easy it is to order your products after our integration.

Simplified Checkout

A three-stage ordering process increases AOV and encourages repeat orders.


We can advise you on the best direction for your brand using our background in branding and packaging.

Zero Transaction Fee

Because of our integration with the platform and your website, there is no transaction fee per order.

Cultivated Within

We cultivated our integration system to solve the same problems you may face.


We can provide in-house financing to scale with your business size.

Let’s Talk About Your Integration

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

The Primary Goals of Integrating B2B eCommerce Into Your Platform.

• Reducing order steps will increase conversions

• Identifying wasted efforts to free up time and money

• Improving the quality of work output

• Localizing your ordering process

• Increasing average order value (AOV)

"The Smoothest Ordering To Date..."

like butter


Since we integrate the platform into your website, it remains branded to you.

Community Building

As you grow your retailer base, you will have a direct connection for ordering.

Fast & Secure

Our integration provides robust security against outside attacks on your data.

Our Testimonials

“Literally the smoothest ordering process I've used this far. In and out.”​
John Lancaster
Cannabis retailer
"This looks amazing! The interface is very user friendly. I will definitely use this in the future for orders, kudos to the team! Thank you guys for always raising the bar!
Robert Simmons
Cannabis Retailer

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